Lions Gate Portal Abundance Grid

Lions Gate Portal Abundance Grid

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Lions Gate Portal Abundance Grid:


Imagine you had more abundance, prosperity, and opportunities in your life.


How different would you feel?


What would it mean to experience more financial freedom?


How about more opportunities?


More clients?


The possibilities are endless.


The Lions Gate portal is a source of immense cosmic energy.


This energy will help tbalance the material and immaterial sides of your life, boost your confidence, and bring about abundance.


The portal opening allows for limitless potential and is the perfect time to usher in change.


That’s why, on August 8th, I’ll be utilizing the energy from the Lions Gate portal to build a crystal grid with abundance and growth as the main focus.


With this grid, I will be weaving together an ancient power symbols, Reiki, the energy from stones charged in vortices on both the East and West coasts, accessing portal energy, using angels as guides, as well as focused intention and chanting mantras.


This power packed grid will set the stage for exponential growth in your business and home life, prosperity, and abundance.


You won’t want to miss out on this powerful opportunity!


What you receive for your investment:


* A picture of a crystal grid, created on an ancient symbol of power, specifically designed to support abundance and growth.


* Your personalized intention for your business will be added to the ritual calling in divine abundance from the universe.


* A supportive group setting for sharing accomplishments and successes.


* On August 4th at 11 AM EST I will hold a group energy session where the attention of the participants is focused on manifesting their own goals as well as the goals of others -more minds focused on a result means higher vibrations and faster outcomes.


* On August 25th at 11 AM EST I will hold a group follow up session where I will provide a word of power gifted from the grid


Free Bonus: I, with the support of my angels, will chant over the grid and shower it with energy for 11 days in support of growth and abundance!


Upgrade 1: You can purchase one of the crystals from the grid, intuitively chosen by me, charged with all that abundance energy!


Upgrade 2: You can purchase both a crystal from the grid as well as a 1-1 energy session with me.



    You are purchasing a picture of the grid, not the actual grid itself. 


    Due to the nature of the work, I don't accept returns or allow refunds.


    If you've purchased a crystal from the grid, once the ritual is complete, I will send shipping information to you.


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